Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Diamond Willow Amethyst Mine, Below we have some questions that visitors have asked and we hope this will help planning your visit.

What does Diamond Willow Amethyst Mine have to offer?

We offer a Rock Shop where we sell Amethyst mined from site and a small selection of finished gifts. We also offer all visitors to pick your own Amethyst through out the mine or just walk around and check out the site. Its mainly a self guided site to keep the cost low. We also offer a picnic area which everyone is welcome to use. A reminder we do accept recycles only, there are no garbage cans on site and this is to keep bears and other wildlife away. The washroom facilities consist of out houses and out door sinks. We accept cash, debit and most major credit cards.

Is the site wheel chair accessible?

Our site is unpaved and can have rougher areas, including the parking lot. We have had electric and non-electric wheel chairs in the past go out collecting, with no issue. We try our best to maintain smooth, easy to access trails and picking areas but do not guarantee that all areas will be accessible by wheel chair. The Rock Shop is wheel chair accessible by ramp.

Are there Admission fees?

The Site has FREE ADMISSION for all visitors.

Can I visit the mine with open toed foot wear?

You can still visit the mine and walk around and do some collecting however it is recommended that you wear close toed foot wear. Visitors use the property at their own risk and we are not responsible for injuries that occur on site. Wearing proper foot wear will allow you to access all picking areas with ease, giving you a better opportunity to find the best pieces.

Can I bring Children out to the Mine to collect Amethyst?

Yes, children of all ages are welcome to come and enjoy the mine. Youngsters under 16 will be required to have adult Supervision at all times.

Can I collect from the restricted area?

No you cannot collect in the restricted areas, only trained employees are allowed in these area as per Ontario Mining Regulation and Diamond Willow Amethyst Mine Policy. These areas are clearly marked and we ask you to please respect the boundaries.

Can I bring my pets to the Mine?

Pets are welcome at the mine and we ask that you keep them leashed and of course never left inside a hot vehicle. They are more than welcome to go out collecting with you.

Can I bring tools to the mine?

You can bring your own pails, small hand shovels, chisels and hammers no larger than 2 lbs. No large sledge hammers allowed. It is our policy that if you use tools that you wear safety glasses.

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